1250 Abstract Oil Painting NFTs

SolPaintClub SolPaint

From 70 different portraits and 60 different characters.

Consist of 4 groups, 9 series cards.


Verified Markets: Magic Eden DigitalEyes solsea solsea


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Design and create 3 books NFTs by code. Randomly generated 1250 unique abstract oil painting NFTs. Each abstract oil painting NFTs of book 1 and book 2 is randomly selected from 70 different portraits. Each abstract oil painting NFTs of book 3 is randomly selected from 60 different characters. Book 3 is consist of 4 groups and 9 series for P2E card game. Each book contains a different number of NFTs. Book 1 has 666 NFTs, book 2 has 111 and book 3 has 777.


Marketing Campaign to help the community grow and advertising with giveaways and NFT airdrops.
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Rarity calculation for book 1 and book 2
Rarity calculation for book 3

Secondary Market

Secondary market will be after sold out for book 3. Secondary market listings for book 1 and book 2:
Magic Eden (verified)
DigitalEyes (verified)
solsea (verified)

Official Mint

Book 1 and book 2 mint is closed and sold out.
Book 3 mint is on 15 September 14:00 UTC
(6:00 PST-9:00 EST) for 0.19 SOL

$BRUSH Token

$BRUSH is an ecosystem. This means that NFT projects can be included in the ecosystem when they meet certain conditions. However, this means NFT holders will enjoy many benefits as long as they have it.

P2E Card Game

Book 3 NFTs has a P2E Card Game. It will launch after sold our. You can earn $BRUSH token with playing this game.

The remaining books and their NFTs will or will not be made available for mint at the community's decision.


Book 1 and book 2 mint is closed and sold out.

Book 3 mint is on September 15, 2022 - 14:00 UTC - 6:00 PST - 9:00 EST

Mint price is 0.19 SOL + gas fee approx. is 0.012 SOL. Total approx. is 0.202 SOL

Phantom (recommended), Slope, Solflare, Sollet.

Install Phantom wallet. Fund your account with SOL from FTX, BINANCE or your preferred exchange market at least 0.202 SOL for each SolPaint NFT. Connect wallet to our site minting page and then select "Mint".

As soon as we're sold out we will go to Magic Eden. OpenSea, Digital Eyes and Solsea.

Yes. 5%. 75% of these royalties will send to $BRUSH token wallet, the rest for community.

No. It will be possible to mint several SolPaint NFT on a single wallet.

1250 pieces of SolPaint NFTs are created. Book 1 has 362, book 2 has 111 and book 3 has 777 NFTs.

Our deal multiplier is 1. You will get 1 to 5 daily $BRUSH token, depends on your NFT rarity.



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