473 Abstract Oil Painting NFTs

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From 70 different portraits.


As Seen On: Magic Eden DigitalEyes solsea


Marketing started with giveaways and NFT airdrops. Join Discord Server and follow our twitter account.


Design and create 20 books NFTs by code. Randomly generated 7777 unique abstract oil painting NFTs. Each abstract oil painting NFT is randomly selected from 70 different portraits. It has been produced from more than a billion combinations. 7777 abstract oil painting NFTs consists of 20 books. Each book contains a different number of NFTs. Book 1 has 666 NFTs and book 2 has 111.


Marketing Campaign to help the community grow and advertising. Giveaway 111 NFTs of book 2 for this purpose.

Secondary Market

Secondary market listings:
Magic Eden (verified)
DigitalEyes (verified)
solsea (verified)

Rarity Data

Rarity rates of each portrait will be announced later. Rarity is categorised into 5 level, A (most rare), B, C, D, E (common). These data will be published and unlock on our site after minting.

Official Mint

First mint was on 9 December 20:00 UTC (12:00 PST-15:00 EST) official Mint of 666 NFTs of book 1
Second mint is on 23 December 12:00 UTC (4:00 PST-7:00 EST) official Mint of 585 NFTs of book 1 for 0.19 SOL.

$BRUSH Token

When the $BRUSH token is launched, our NFT holders will start receiving 10 tokens daily. With this token, you can trade NFTs, mint NFTs, and swap for market value.

The remaining books and their NFTs will or will not be made available for mint at the community's decision.


First mint was on December 9 2021 - 20:00 UTC - 12:00 PST - 15:00 EST

Second mint is on December 23 2021 - 12:00 UTC - 4:00 PST - 7:00 EST

Mint price is 0.19 SOL + gas fee approx. 0.012 SOL. Total approx. 0.202 SOL

Phantom (recommend), Slope, Solflare, Sollet.

Install Phantom wallet. Fund your account with SOL from FTX, BINANCE or your preferred exchange market at least 0.202 SOL for each SolPaint NFT. Connect wallet to our site minting page and then select "Mint".

As soon as we're sold out we will go to Magic Eden. Digital Eyes and solsea accept partial mint.

Yes. 7%. 26% of these royalties will send to $BRUSH token wallet, the rest for community

No. It will be possible to mint several SolPaint NFT on a single wallet.

7777 pieces of SolPaint NFTs are created. But only 473 pieces of them were deployed. 362 for public mint, 111 for community. The rest were burnt.

Our deal multiplier is 1. You will get 1 to 5 daily $BRUSH token, depends on your NFT rarity.